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MERRIAM, James Arthur (1880-1951)

Los Angeles Painter



Oil on cloth, 26 x 28"

Signed lower left: James Merriam

Date: c 1930

Frame: Gold finish metal-leaf/composition





PETERSEN, Einar Cortsen (1885-1986)

Los Angeles painter

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Petersen, on a scholarship from the Danish Government, studied art for several years in Paris, Rome and Munich, immigrating to America in 1912, settling in Los Angeles in 1916, where he distinguished himself as a landscape painter and muralist, remaining active in the area until his death there in 1986.


D079-SNOW CREEK CANYON (Near Palm Springs)

Oil on board, 19 x 22"

Signed lower left: Einar C. Petersen

Date: c1930

Inscribed verso: Desert Road/Snow Creek Canyon/Einar C. Petersen

Label attached verso: Snow Creek Canyon/Near Palm Springs/By Einar C. Petersen/4350 Beverly Blvd./No 0776/California Art Club

Frame: Period




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